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Canhe-Fit is an on-board nutriotionist for your pet. It’s the first all-in-one solution to track your pet’s health, activity and nutrition through a pendant connected to your smartphone.

Canhe-Fit records the activity of your pet, analyzes the food intake according to the energy expended and indicates the results on your smartphone through a free mobile app. 

In addition to regulating food intake, the app allows pet owners to track their dogs’ or cats’ exercise while also serving as a GPS, deploying social localization to allow the owner to easily locate their missing pet.

Maintain your pet’s health by maintaining its weight.

Your pet’s health begins with how you feed them.

Obesity reduces two years from a dog’s life expectancy, and increases the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and premature death by 50%.

The better food, the longer your pet will live.

With thousands of pet food products on the market, it’s difficult to pick the best option without spending lot of money for a specific diet.

Canhe-Fit Features


Canhe-Fit tells you the right amount of pet-food to give every day.
Inform your pet’s profil and pick the brand and formula of pet-food of your choice.
Canhegat’s free mobile app will inform you how much food you should give to your pet according to its weight, age, breed and activity.


Is your pet lazy and sedentary?
Or is he athletic and hunting mice?
Canhe-Fit will tell you for certain. Our collar-attached pendant records your pet’s activity all day long. Whenever your pet approaches your phone, the data is automatically analyzed and displayed on the mobile app.


Track the performance of other pets in your community to ensure that your pet stays at the top of the list!
For those who like challenges and competition, Canhegat has developed an algorithm to rank all the followed animals in accordance to their activities and the ways in which their owners cares for them.

Lost Animal

Canhegat’s community will help you find your faithful friend in case he goes missing.  Simply press the “lost” button on the mobile app and the entire community will be notified to help you.

Veterinary Supervision

A dedicated web page is available to your vet.
He will have access to the setup parameters of our computational formula and will be able to tune and personalize this formula for your pet.
Your vet will also have access to all the history of activity and feeding.

Technical Specifications

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8 grams




CR1632 (expected battery life: 8 months)


Bluetooth Low Energy


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